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Writing dreams.
Fashion house Topaza Pella

Апрель 28, 2014 | Partners

Poetry of the fashion is that it creates the illusions…

Coco Chanel

Often the inspiration for us are not only partners and friends, and customers themselves. There are companies whose works cause the desire to talk about them, and to make it the way when feelings, caused them, are transmitted to all. One such company, cooperation with which we are particularly proud of — fashion house Topaza Pella, for nearly 20 years, creating a fairy tale for brides and those who are just planning to become them.

Wedding dress, graduation outfit or evening dress from Topaza Pella — all products of the fashion house has elegant, sophisticated features which characterize Petersburg style.

Create truly fashionable clothes, which are expressed through women’s individuality and sense of style — it is perhaps the fundamental constant of the creative activity Topaza Pella. Here are they have the main opinion that even the most luxurious dress should primarily emphasize the uniqueness and personal style of its owner and not the splendor of her attire.

Hence, the approach to the working process: from Topaza Pella products not manufactured for mass circulation, each model is available in limited quantities and at the highest level of quality. Exquisite design and jewelery design, which is guaranteed almost entirely manual sewing allows Topaza Pella has been considered one of the most fashionable brands in Russia for many years.