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Constructive ephemeral. Textile Architecture

Апрель 6, 2014 | Art

The concept of «Ephemeral» (literally — «short», «short-lived») appeared in the architecture relatively recently — about 50 years ago. Typically, it is used to denote strong and yet lightweight membrane structures built using textiles.

Textile membrane design can now be found in every part of the world. Scope of these technologies is becoming increasingly widespread — from shelters for utilitarian transport parking and a cafe to the majestic buildings and large-scale projects. Typically, fabric architecture is organic, something sinusoidal shape that provides elegant and ambitious architectural solutions.

Textiles for centuries faithfully serves man in many different areas. In architecture, it has come just recently and now becoming the most charismatic example of shaping. The newest materials and technologies used in the textile membrane structures, largely based on engineering principles, known to us for thousands of years, and at the same time can make to modern architecture futuristic ease and versatility of space.

Recent developments in this area, as well as the development of CAD systems significantly expanded range of use of membrane structures. «Ephemeral» structure are getting higher, stronger, bigger and more interesting from an aesthetic point of view and it allows us to speak about textile architecture as an independent direction. Often, the use of technology textile architecture is the only solution in situations where, for objective reasons, capital construction impossible. We think use of such solutions is very interesting and promising especially in modern cities, metropolitan areas, with their relatively well-established, but attracted to kind of lifestyle which always changes.