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Praise madmen

Апрель 21, 2014 | Art, Obiter dicta

Sometimes it is necessary to turn the world upside down. Not for the sake of big changes and admiring glances of the soul, but just something to do. To wake up in my bed, take a shower, and then go and conquer Everest. And dance on the top of his mad tango with all the winds, laughing into the abyss of the sky. Or read the latest a newspaper, drink a cup of coffee and a light the first cigarette of the day from the crater of an active volcano. You can close a favorite book, yawning, absurd humor, bend over to kiss you on the nose dear man, and throwing on the shoulders of a parachute, walk out the door, weed the air at an altitude of 800 meters above the ground. Life — is enormous. She did not breathe, did not feel the not soak skin, sitting at home and thoughtfully turning over the monitor beautiful face and soul stray random people. Life is not worth the grief. And restrictions. When tears will end – you should start smiling. Sometimes it is just for sample turn the whole world.

Al Kvotion