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Mastery of technology or equipment for the master

Апрель 21, 2014 | P.S., PERFORMANCE

Creating a truly bright and talented project is impossible without the use of high technology and modern equipment. The embodiment of bold ideas and effective solutions requires a technique that in the modern world of advertising and design has become one of the main success factors of the entire marketing campaign.

Professional — in the literal sense of the word — implementation of our creative concepts ensures our own studio, with the equipment from recognized experts in the field of photo and video work. Combined with the skill and experience of the performers, it gives us unlimited possibilities for creativity.


In order to help the world see what our imagination and fantasy came up with, we use the camera Mamiya Phase One 645 DF with digital adapter Leaf Aptus-II 10320x7752px (80 Mpx), and the widest range of lenses (120 Mamiya Sekor 120 mm f / 4.0 Macro AF 80 Mamiya Sekor AF 80 mm f / 2.8 LS D, 28 Mamiya Sekor AF 28 mm f / 4.5 LS D Aspherical).

Mamiya — is not just world-famous brand, it’s a kind of code for professionals, which means «high tech», «quality», «maximum proximity to perfection.» Japanese perfectionism and scientific approach to the work on the equipment, whose main task — to catch something non-existent, and convert it into visible and tangible product — turned into the creation of most of these «dream catchers» redefines the possibilities of technology.

Additional support for photo shoots is carried out by Nikon professional cameras.

For the video materials we have a video camera Sony NEX-FS700 and talented operator. Film light — Dedoloight.

In addition, in the arsenal of our studio — a wide range of lighting products from Broncolor: softboxes, oktoboxes, light-forming nozzles, pulsing projector, etc., which allow us to find solutions to the most ambitious targets, as well as a spacious room, specially prepared for the shooting at any level difficulty with dressing room and wardrobe rooms.

To turn a creative concept into great breathtaking pictures and videos, we keep abreast of the photo and video technologies, tracking and immediately adopting the latest trends and developments.