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Jeu d’enfant, or Playing a God

Апрель 17, 2014 | Art

At the beginning of XX century — the era of «mixed marriages» — the world saw the birth of a new art. It knew no bounds and framework, it selfishly used that could offer the old world, ruthlessly discarding obsolete. It experimented shocked, enthralled, creating hitherto unknown masterpiece — something that millions of fans following the fashion magazines will be called «style icons».

The modern world — a kaleidoscope, which follow each other colorful pictures, people, meetings, impressions and emotions. In an effort to protect themselves from the terrifying randomness of these pictures, the man creates his own reality — the world of phantoms, in which he feels comfortable and confident. What sense we see with a glance at a picture of the magazine, the brand name, the monitor screen? .. The new man in his quest to worship idols nothing to rise above their «primitive» ancestors — his worship has simply taken new forms.

«Eternal» shrines, failed, were relegated to the background, supplanted by new icons. The old myths have lost their relevance; new ones replaced them. Today, most «unholy» things described the language of religion.

People tend to seek out the mysterious signs and symbols, overlaps and repetitions in their daily lives. They create idols, which turns into a cult tradition of the era. Interest from these idols, so-called «style icons», raised to the highest level. Service and imitating them taken seriously.

Tamara de Lempicka, Coco Chanel, Howard Hughes, Nikola Tesla, Salvador Dali, Martha Graham … political thinkers, turn all representations about art, the master of a new genre, they tirelessly worked on a masterpiece. Having set a goal — to create a unique, fascinating, shocking and yet perfectly adjusted image and then put it into practice, they consistently went for it all his life.

We cannot say that before the XX-th century the history did not know lovers of extravagant escapades and scandals. This Gascon and incorrigible duelist Cyrano de Bergerac, a champion of absolute freedom of manners Alphonse de Sade, a lover of noisy feasts and brilliant event-manager, Prince Radziwill, the first emansipe George Sand — the list is endless. However, none of them used his innate eccentricity as a tool of the artist, nobody sank so deep into themselves to discover there is a subject for art, no one needed to recognize so much to present to the human itself — as an image and object of worship.

All this has become an obsession and a disease of children of the new century, les enfants terribles, I must say. However — they were flesh and blood era produced them. An era when art was developed with an eye on fashion magazines, when the best artists considered it an honor to make the cover of a tabloid illustrator when blossoming fashion house and melted state as easily as profiting, the era of style, outrageous and unprecedented cynicism.

They sought recognition and commercial success in various spheres of activity — providing themselves, these new masters of art painted for the sales, inventing gadgets, wrote poems and novels, do business. Usually, this activity caused a skeptical smile and a fierce debate among the true experts and professionals which are unaware that all of this — no more than a means of subsistence, in extreme cases — the backdrop for a real masterpiece. The multi-talented, «style icons» are free to choose any career for the main purpose of his life, and that their choice fell on literature or painting — a whim case.

One should not be deceived by this appearance the service of art for art’s sake. The icon of style — it is also a brand, a very successful commercial project. They — are the real genius of self-promotion — create and for several decades, carefully feed the myths about themselves, sometimes absurd and unbelievable, but all the more attractive. Through the dizzying machinations and ploys, and sometimes compromise with representatives of politics and religion, they were erected a «miraculous monument during the life.» All their life and work intricately interwoven in a single mystical whole, a work of art.

This penchant for outrageous, inherent in varying degrees, each «icon of the century» — not primitive vanity. Thank sought by the heroes of the era, we need not to themselves — they work for an idea to protect your creation, your way.

Not for nothing at every opportunity, they demonstrate total disregard for the laurels and honors. All my life they struggle with common sense, causing the enthusiastic crowd groans. These fanatics of the business and workaholics in the best sense of the word, they carefully study the tastes of their audience — and does exactly what it expects from them, what she craves, but they never solved.

This is another characteristic of human-masterpieces, masters-icons: they suppress spirit of the times and the very precise form from them images. Even before they formulated the basic principles of successful marketing — know your target audience and offer her what she wanted — they mastered them.

Style icon, a person age — is not easy source of inspiration and an object of worship, it is also a valuable guide for the creation and promotion of brands that are famous throughout the world and for decades held the position taken.

This is a brilliant example of the synergy of creativity and advertising, when it is practically impossible to distinguish the fine line between art and business; a child of a mixed marriage.