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Yellow dog, smoked herring and a nuclear explosion

Май 16, 2014 | | Art, P.S., PERFORMANCE

There is an anecdote in a creative environment: an old court artist make a living drawing the portraits of aristocrats and wealthy people. Customers had been capricious people, with the claims and gave money unwillingly, finding fault with the work of the painter. They constantly required to rewrite the suit on top of the old one, change the expression on his face, make the nose smaller. In the end, it’s all so harried the unfortunate artist, he went to the trick — in every corner of the picture he painted a small, repulsive kind of green dog, and when customer saw this dog he began to resent, insisting that ridiculous animal was removed from the canvas. Artist some time sparred defending his creation, and then agree to gloss over inappropriate item. Reassured, exhausted from dispute patron of the arts took a picture unconditionally. So the dog saved the artist from the endless cavils, initiating the birth of a new psychological technique.

This legend has a lot variants — someone attributes the authorship of the progress to the Russian theater artist Alexander Tischler, who used it to harmonize their decoration sets with the Council of the Imperial Academy of Arts, someone refers to the architect Le Corbusier, someone — to the one of the teachers at the Moscow Institute of Architecture Nicholas Ullasa. The essence of the experiment with a dog — and its color also varies from narrator to narrator — is to project on a sheet supplied to the rating something extraneous, some small, but very significant detail that would lead critics away from really problematic places.

Several times ««dogs» saved our filmmakers, too — director Gaidai to protect from censorship his «Diamond hand» at the end of the film he stuck documentary chronicle of the nuclear explosion and then submitted it to a court of high commission. The censors were so shocked by such impudence that have completely forgotten about other questionable from the standpoint of the dominant ideology episodes. From the director demanded only one thing — to remove unseemly ending. So we heard the famous all over the country jokes

It is also told about the illustrator Favorskiy, Farrelly brothers and British journalist — William Cobbett whom used the same method. However, journalist’s dog miraculously transformed into a smoked herring. In Britain, a fish with a pungent odor often used during hunting to distract the dogs from the track the wrong animal. Cobbett formulated this term for counter-arguments which do not have any relation to the original arguments and applied specifically to lead debate in a different direction. this method also used in his acclaimed bestseller author of «The Da Vinci Code» Dan Brown — one of the main characters, unjustly accused of religious intrigue, even bears the name Aringarosa, which translated from Italian means «red or smoked herring.»

Doubtless the efficiency of the colored dogs in the business — they are irreplaceable in the preparation of any budget or project development. It is almost a perfect way to escape the criticism there is only one drawback — contrary to all expectations, a small dog may «suddenly» love and accept «a great success». But this is a matter of intuition the author and his knowledge of psychology reviewers. However, there should be observed sense of proportion — the absurdity of your «stroke» may cause the rejection of all the work done. And therefore — our advice: keep your dogs on a leash!