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Giraf Theatre

Апрель 21, 2014 | Art, Partners, PERFORMANCE

…The area between the underground and official art… …Russian passion, sudden, violent and fatal…

Street theater — a unique phenomenon. Combining the widest variety of genres and trends of various kinds of arts, it captivates its immediacy viewers of all ages. However, in recent decades, street theater began to fade — with the advent of plastic money, work became unprofitable and the real masters began to disappear from the streets and squares. Official troupe switched to large-scale events, and these once popular and demanded kind of theatrical art performances narrowed to people-painted statues.

However, the romance of the street, its powerful energy and freedom of expression entails creative obsessed-persons so it possible to meet in the old town of this wandering artists. Their performances are changing the atmosphere of the streets, the mood of passers-by, and in a creative environment are people who are determined not to give this ancient art to die. Moreover, they find new forms for him and filled anew.

We were fortunate to work with such enthusiastic. The unique theater project Giraf Theatre — the master of street performance and associative pantomime. Nevertheless, of course, their work extends far beyond these boundaries, representing a unique mix of avant-garde. The creators of Giraf Theatre Stanislav Varkki and Larisa Lebedeva, have come a long way in art: mime, dance in various forms (from modern to breakdance), clowning, street actions, cinema. They are winners of numerous international competitions, their assets — work with such luminaries as Vyacheslav Polunin, Valentin Gneushev (Russian theatrical clowning), Madonna Buglione (French circus clown), Alexei German, Sergey Ovcharov, Andron Konchalovsky (the movie), Dmitry Pokrovsky (Russian folklore), Shusaku Takeuchi (choreography).

«We have a strange theater: we have a lot of attention to the drama which is not verbal, but as a transition from one state to another», — characterized by their creativity creators Giraf Theatre. A already responses sophisticated metropolitan press: «Daring acting with the audience with full delighted with the last», «Fantastic talent. Yet this technique is that many teams and never dreamed of». In their performances they make sensitive viewers «musical instrument» in a matter of minutes to create a special atmosphere of the game, the symphony.

By saturation power of emotion and the atmosphere is comparable only with the carnival, which bursts into frenzied flow into everyday life, breaking through the fabric of time, opening up people’s eyes to the wonders. As the empty bed of a dry river enters the water, so the energy of the Carnival fills everything, washing away the borders of reality and taking its members to a new, vibrant and unique world.

There asset Giraf Theatre and other works perfectly — balancing on the borders of genres, working rare, thin and fine. They awaken in their audience is not just emotion, but also a whole range of emotions, thoughts and associations. One of them — the play «Love.» Play without scenery, with almost no props, no expensive costumes and special effects. Only two people — a man and a woman — through time and space age. The grotesque and lyricism, tenderness and humor, sadness and a smile — and even lightness American modernism, break line break dance, mime associative raw nerve, which take up a language to talk about the main thing — love.