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Corporate Image calendar

Июнь 26, 2015 | BRANDING

Every year, big companies are thinking about souvenirs, including its corporate fashion calendars. Among the organizations there is even a competition for the coolest image of the year. Calendars can be wall-mounted, «trio», posters, houses» and the original form.

In any case — idea for the calendar + its visual representation are really important!


At first, the customer might scare of organizing process of such surveys: concept development, casting models, the selection of areas, permission for photo shoots, etc. All these questions and more studio takes over. The result: bright, individual and memorable corporate calendars and promotional material.

The topic of corporate calendars and advertising and image printing has not lost its relevance in an era when printing «dies.»
Augmented Reality — this is the second life of the printing industry! The application for the smartphone / tablet / computer allows you to «revive» a static image, video tell the story to entice a game invite to the site. Spectator dies, his imagination rolls over…

For over 10 years we help companies get the most in these tasks: studio team develops concepts and carries out photo and video shooting, creates branding products. Competence in the field of design and professional technique allow us to create a material of high artistic quality and resolution. The potential of each such material is virtually inexhaustible: it is the company’s image / brand, calendars, postcards, billboards and shop windows, decoration of events and photo-video performances, viral videos and augmented reality.

We will be glad to cooperate!