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See hidden. Augmented reality.

Май 11, 2014 | | PERFORMANCE, POST

Augmented Reality (AR) — is a technology that allows you to apply digital data to objects of the physical world. With it, your mobile device becomes a kind of portal, an entrance into the virtual world full of multi-layer information.

Today, augmented reality is one of the most effective marketing solutions to attract attention of the audience. Especially popular is the use of it on the show floor (to create installations), a big stage (demonstration of presentations), print media (3D-cover and interactive advertising modules), etc.

The main advantage of Augmented Reality technology is that it provides an opportunity to supply the physical objects with random information: text, sound, or geolocation visuals while replicating the application via the Internet will require you minimal costs. In addition, due to their novelty, it involves people in the process of further information at the level of elementary curiosity — and the broad multimedia capabilities make this information vivid and memorable..

Augmented reality has already proven its effectiveness in the promotion of various goods and services. Thus, the company has released LEGO designers, packaging options which show assembled model, and the famous American magazine Popular Science has released the number on the cover when you move the webcam appears three-dimensional image of a windmill. Not far behind the passage of time and our studio — last fall for one of our customers, we have prepared the premiere issue of COUTURE, which also offers to readers the entrance to the mysterious world of high fashion and the arts. (Augmented Reality magazine COUTURE.)

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