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Personal couturier.
Fashion designer Andrei Rudakov

Апрель 6, 2014 | Art, Partners, PERFORMANCE

We do not get tired of repeating that none of our projects would have been possible without the cooperation of our great partners — real professionals and fanatics of the business. One of them – a talented designer Andrey Rudakov, founder of the design studio «Andrew Rudakov», bright and original artist, whose works make our photoshoot such imaginative and memorable.

Creation of the master — things from Andrew Rudakov impressive like the works of art, but come up, tailored and sewn not of gallery storerooms but for real, modern people who appreciate comfort aswell as the original design.

Our cooperation with the studio Andrew Rudakov lasts more than a one year, and during that time a whole series of brilliant projects were created, which are an excellent sample of the synthesis of several arts. Each of his things is a complete image that reflects the mood and aesthetics of the whole concept.

Own collection of Andrey long ago won the love of discerning Petersburg public — he dressed people who are very attentive to their own style, not so much following the dictatorship of fashion magazines, as the requirements of taste and the desire to express themselves.

It is difficult to confuse master’s honed writing with someone else — although works of Andrei Rudakov can be found in the bohemian parties and trendy cafes, and major shows. He fantastically well can feel the color and can turn the most casual thing in the work of art.

In Andrey Rudakov’s studio flaunt actresses and athletes, famous models, «creators» and entrepreneurs — and even fairy-tale characters: the studio had created the image of the little princess, the Infanta for the collection of the same name, which reflects the inherent designer «ability to relate to the life of fun and without prejudices»

In addition, Andrey Rudakov’s costumes were designed for such outstanding collaborative projects, such as Voyage, Co-Co, Postundeground, Haute Couture, which were not only a great solution of problems of an advertising campaign, but also a significant phenomenon in the Russian fashion industry.